Trav-All Bag

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Maneuver through airports, stadiums, and anywhere else with style with the Trav-All Bag! With its clear bag, unique design, and zip off bottom, this fashionable carry-all will make your travel a breeze. Perfect for holding all the essentials — from electronics to cosmetics, shoes, and even large bottles. Put the fun back in your travels with the Trav-All Bag!

While doing weddings, home calls, or on location it's important to  stay organized.  

Therefore, this is the perfect bag.  The bottom zips off.  Use bag with it on or off.  

Uses:  Tool bag, laptop bag, makeup kit bag, diaper bag, gym bag, stadium bag, pool bag etc.  Purse, Tote


Bottom of the bag is made for long foils and boards.  It zips off for easy reloading and storage.  Dimensions are  3"H x 6"W X 13"L

The top of the bag is tall enough to carry liter bottles.  The elastic straps sewn in the front and back of bag are to keep your tools such as blow dryer and irons upright and protected.  Dimensions are 13"H x 6"W x 1S"L